Cum Dump – Anal Slut

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The writing says it all. “Cum dump, anal slut”.


That’s right baby, suck it. Before I fill your ass I want to see you swallow that hole dildo. Get your nose to the wall and lick those rubber balls while you choke on that dildo.

Well, I see you’ve got an extra dildo laying around. Now what can we do with that? Someone has some other holes that can get warmed up.  Pussy, or ass? Where to go first? That is the only question; as all your holes will get used, and used hard. That is to say they will get used to my full satisfaction. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to cum in your ass. When I get going, I can go several time. Your ass will get good and cream filled.


cum dump anal slut blonde

….where can I get me one?

custard covered bad girl

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Continuing down the path of degradation, as promised, our wam series continues into the new year. This photo brings together a lot of my favorite things: bad girls, ass, wam, and leather pants bitches. When this naughty little hottie in leather and letex wants to cover herself in custard and give us a nice shot from behind I’m ready to scream, “bend over I’ll drive.” I love it, too much eye make up, tight leather shorts, yum.

splosh and wam porn. girl in tight leather shorts covers herself in custard

This is from Messy Chixxx. Who obviously specialize in wet and messy porn and sploshing. There are not a lot of specialty splosh sites around, definitely worth checking out.

See the rest of the custard covered photo set


Gruss vom Krampus

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Greating from the Krampus

Krampus is the dark side of winter and of christams, before it was catholicized. Krapus was the one who punished all the naughty little boys and girls. He was also the moster out in the dark and the cold, in places of old when it could be quite a feat just to live through the winter.

Depending on what you read, Krampus is a bit of the horned beast, pan, and black peter in different parts.

Mostly importantly to us, he was also a bit of a trouble maker and a horny little letch; often pictured pursuing women.


marry krampus


I promise we’ll get back to your regular scheduled porn shortly.


cowgirl wants a hard ride

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Giddy up baby. I want to be a cowboy, so I can ride a cowgirl. Especially girls like this. This slut is ready to go; sexy thigh highs,  tits out, and hiking up her mini skirt.  Not to mention she has a big old set of titties.

Ultimate Uniforms is one of those big sites that have been around for a while. They have everything. Any dress up, costume or fantasy they’ll have it covered.

Yea haw…


cowgirl in thigh highs flashes her tits


check out the whole set here

hanging out with Joanna Angel

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Last night I went out to an event to meet Joanna Angel and see a screening of her upcoming move, ‘Doppelganger’. While the movie was on and in speaking with her afterwards I remembered why I like her so much, she loves it in the ass! You can’t really tell on film, she is a really small girl, which to me makes it even hotter that she likes huge cock crammed up her ass.  There is no shortage of anal sex in this movie, from her or the other porn girls. I’ll avoid a detailed commentary or scene description and just say; if you love ass, you’ll like this.

In speaking with her after the film she said that her favorite scenes to shoot are double penetration and orgy scenes because it’s not something that really happens all the time in daily life so getting to do that on film is kind of a treat. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is, don’t we all need someone who just loves getting fucked in the ass like that. Volunteers anyone? I’m sure we can help make this a daily occurrence, just have your people talk to my people it’s a done deal.

I’ll leave you with a nice shot from the only lesbian scene in the film where Joanna Angel is getting strap on fucked in the ass by another cute chick, Jiz Lee. Make sure to check out the link at the bottom for more free shots from the movie ‘Doppelganger.’

Joanna Angel fucked in the ass, lesbian strap on anal sex burning angel style, free porn

lesbian anal scene stills

sexy cat girl chases mice

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…and eats them.

This sexy cat girl seems useful. She’s a cutie with a nice ass and great big tits. I’d have this furry girl over to get naked and fuck her stupid then I’d let her chase rodents.

I like Pattycake. Unlike lots of people who start their own porn site, she actually is really cute and really sexy. She also has a tenancy to do lots of costume porn and wet and messy ‘wam’ photo shoots, which doesn’t hurt in gaining my favor.

sexy cat girl in fishnets, naked furry sex kitten porn

sexy pattycake cat girl

ride a cowgirl

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She’s cute right? I’d get behind her and ride that ass.

Don’t make me get the bull whip sweetie….

cutie in cowgirl outfit shows her tits

teen power

flip the switch

Posted in general mayhem on November 9th, 2010 by freakyd

it’s all new! fresh updates in all tgp sections. Be sure to check out all the goodies. And you know feed back helps too.

awards for weird science headlines

Posted in general mayhem on October 7th, 2010 by freakyd
So there are these awards for weird things discovered in science. Essentially it’s like if you actually discover something useful but it makes a really weird or disturbing headline; you get one of these awards.
“Homosexual necrophilia discovered in mallard ducks”
Hell, you can’t make this up. The other good one was, “Fruit bats enjoy fellatio.”
Check it out. One includes a picture of a duck. I wish it was a picture a ‘the’ duck.
I have to say I’m glad to know some scientists have a sense of humor. Unfortunately whenever I talk to any I know, all I hear about is what they looked at in a microscope. Really, gee… you looked at some microbes. Fucking fantastic!
Ok, the awards they give out are not all pervy. There is, “Wearing socks outside your shoes helps prevents falls in winter”. Not exactly a fashion statement, but hey traction is traction.
Getting back to the fun headlines; I suppose as far as reincarnation goes I’d rather come back as a fruit bat that gets blow jobs rather than a mallard duck and end up shagging a dead, male mallard duck. Unless of course you are really into homosexual necrophilia… then… coming back as a mallard duck may be great. I mean who’s gonna say anything. You’re a duck! It’s not like you’re going to go to ducky prison, or wind up in a rubber room in the ducky mental institute. Or is it the rubber ducky room in the mental institute.

….yes, I’ll get back to posting pics. You have to laugh too.

get wet and get some

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Ok, so I’m going to stick with the same theme as last time.  What can I say I’d jump in the pool with a bunch of wild topless girls. Wouldn’t you. Summer is rapidly coming to a close so hurry up; get wet and get some.

topless girls getting wild in the pool