give me – whatever the price – red haired pony girl

Posted in gratuitous smut, pet girls + pony play on September 23rd, 2016 by freakyd

The things that I would do… To tame this, to have this, to fuck this…. You have no idea. Ask me and in an hour I may have started to describe what I’d do.

This little filly is a life challenge. I don’t suspect it would come easy, or that it would come quick.  If you made this your life’s work, it could be a defining moment, and totally well worth it.  A kinky little fuck pony who would be the hottest ride that you have ever had.

I started dating a girl who did not like butt sex.  My opinion is, if she doesn’t take it in the ass, she’s not a keeper. There was much debate and challenges; however, (some years down the road) now she is a good little ass whore. I love her dearly, and I will keep her forever. The breaking in period was hard, but worth it.

I don’t think I have ever had, or ever seen a red haired pony girl as hot as this. Porn whores are a dime a dozen, but this filly is special.

If you want it, you have to take it.  Filly, walk into my yard; you and I will have a talk, and it will go on forever….
red haired pony girl on her knees in the barn with a bit gag


Naked leashed and ready to go

Posted in gratuitous smut, pet girls + pony play on August 26th, 2016 by freakyd

That’ the way I like them. Especially the slutty blonde girls. It shouldn’t be a surprise; by the time you are in a dog collar and on a leash you know you want to be treated like a dirty fuck pet. It’s ok. Playtime is fun. Blonde bimbos are still useful for a good time.

So bark for me baby. I’ll take you for a walk, then we can do it doggie style.


naked blonde girl on a leash - fuck pets

Nothing says slut like clear high heels

Posted in bdsm + fetish, pet girls + pony play on July 15th, 2016 by freakyd

Don’t worry, we like it. If that message wasn’t clear enough, the dog collar and leash make it perfectly clear; you’re a dirty little fuck pet who wants to get used. And every red blooded guy loves a slut who wants to be used.

sexy babe on a leash

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pony sluts trained to serve on the ranch

Posted in bdsm + fetish, pet girls + pony play on May 27th, 2016 by freakyd

These two lasses are going to learn to be good little sex slaves. Today is pony girl training.  Shouldn’t all pets be trained to wear a bit gag and sexy tail butt plug? Besides, getting naked and playing outdoors is always fun. So getting kinky outdoors is even more fun.

ponygirl slaves

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bunny fairy!?

Posted in gratuitous smut, pet girls + pony play on April 1st, 2013 by freakyd

Hey, why not. I am not exactly sure how you wind up with a bunny fairy; but it’s spring or we’d like it to be, it is easte, she’s cute, not to mention great tits. Like I said before, why not. Have you seen a bunny fairy before?


costume bunny fairy girl gets naked. she is cute and has big tits

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sexy pattycake

fuck bunny

Posted in pet girls + pony play on May 26th, 2012 by freakyd

Well with the warm weather finally rolling in I thought it was time for playful outdoor photo set. Spring fever setting in, everyone wants to get out there and fuck like bunnies, so here is a sex bunny girl for you who is all ready to play.  This photo set is from the Petgirls web site. Obviously they have all sorts of pet play and fetish type photo shoots.  This girl is pretty cute too, not to mention she has a nice big rack which she likes to show off before going ahead and stuffing her hungry holes with a dildo.


sexy fuck bunny gagged and begging on her knees

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pony sploshing

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Well sometimes you see two fetishes combined and you think, that’s just weird; other times you come across something and you wonder why you haven’t seen more of it before. Pet play and sploshing seems like one of the later. Especially if,  like in this picture, it is based on any type of barnyard animal that would probably just get dirty on it’s own during the course of a day.

Yep, a pony girl in the mud. Doesn’t seem surprising at all. Every now and then I have come across something similar but that’s it. I suppose there is reticence on the part of some pets to go out and get their play outfits dirty. Then again getting dirty can be half the fun. I know our friends at have done a piglet girl wam photo shoot before. Then again I suppose you have to already be into certain fetishes before you can start combining them.  It’s late and I am starting to pontificate, so I’ll just leave you to enjoy the pony girl porn.

kinky pony girl sploshing in the mud, free fetish porn

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Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

Now this is what I like to help get into the spirit of the holiday! Three sexy cosplay cat girls getting playful and naked. Really and why just have one hot cat girl when you can have three?

Here kitty, kitty, kitty….

three cosplay cat girls get naked

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blond girl on a leash begs like a dog

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Pet play is one of my favorite things. There is not a lot of it out there, so when I see a good photo set I get pretty excited. This set is pretty good.  This bitch seems like a well trained puppy; in the way she walks on her leash to the way she sits up and begs. I’m sure she’d make an excellent pet, and be good at many other tricks as well.

blond girl in a dog collar sits up and begs for her chew toy

blond bitch begs

Bit tit bitch in her dog bed

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Alright we’ve got some new additions here and I am really excited. Pet girls are really my favorite. I just think it is so fun and kinky to have a girl on a leash and treated like a pet. I love it, everything from the cute costumes, furry ears, to having her sit up and beg or eat out of a dog dish.

I figured we could start here, with this puppy girl with big tits. This is just a great shot, she is naked in her little dog bed, wearing a leash and collar,  with a bone in her mouth. Hot!

Keep and eye on our pet play and ponygirl section, we’ll release more great photo sets like these over time.

bdsm puppy girl slave in her leash and dog collar chews on a bone

big tit puppy girl in her dog bed with her bone via