Fucking that pie.

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She’s my cherry pie. This is what happens when she gets the cherry pie. I love it, dirty, sloppy, messy, cherry pie, wam.


cherry cream pie

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Lesbian chocolate mess

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Hot, yummy, messy, lesbian hotties. Come on baby, lick it clean.

lesbian chocolate mess

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Pudding pool

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Sexy Pattycake is one of my favorites. I love this girl, her looks, her attitude, her costumes and different sets she puts together. Now lets get to the really good parts; she is absolutely super cute, has fantastic, huge boobs, and then she will go on to do totally amazing photo sets like this one. Sexy Pattycake in a small inflatable pool covering herself in chocolate pudding.

This photo set is so hot. Lets wrestle, lets fuck, lets lick each other clean. Whatever you want baby.

sexy pattycake wam

All I can say. I want one.


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Covered in custard

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Messy Chixxx girl Maya covers herself in custard and chocolate syrup. See this sexy babe get all sloppy. How messy, is messy enough?

girl covered in custard

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Messy ice cream babe

Posted in alt babes, gratuitous smut, splosh + wam on December 6th, 2012 by freakyd

Ok, so here I am keep both my recent promises. 1. I’d get back to the porn posting right away. 2. That we’d feature a bunch of messy and splosh photos for a bit.

Without further ado Chelsea makes a mess while eating an ice cream cone.


naked girl makes an ice cream mess

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The photos are from Gods Girls, who specialize in alt porn.  The site also has blogs run by the girls as well. So if you like chicks with lots of attitude and tattoos stop by and check it out. The site also has a kind of raw pro-am feel to it, which is cool if you’re into it. It also lends itself to creating more weird shit, like girls covering themselves in ice cream, see above.

green slime wam

Posted in gratuitous smut, splosh + wam on November 26th, 2012 by freakyd

Ok, so it’s been a bit since we’ve had some splosh and wam here. I’m thinking I need to go on a tear of messy pictures.

With that decided, lets start here! Sexy Pattycake covered in green slime.


Ok, Sexy Pattycake. This girl is hot and stacked. She is the epitome of a teenage cock tease. She is blond, and cute, and has amazing huge tits. Oh wait did I mention the most important part, she is a tease! Ok, porn is porn and pictures are pictures, and you can see any chick shoving XY or Z in any hole.  You know what, there is something amazing about a woman who knows how to be a woman. She is the cutest, seductive tease, and you know what; it makes the site fucking great. Her presence and attitude in front of the camera makes her better than other girls who run their own sites.

You know, I am a photographer, so I work with a lot of models. Certain people are a ton of fun to work with. I would love to shoot with this girl, or just meet her to see what she is like.  Never mind the part about letting my imagination go…

cute blonde teen splosh and wam. wet and messy big tit porn

Pattycake in green slime


pony sploshing

Posted in bdsm + fetish, pet girls + pony play, splosh + wam on December 8th, 2011 by freakyd

Well sometimes you see two fetishes combined and you think, that’s just weird; other times you come across something and you wonder why you haven’t seen more of it before. Pet play and sploshing seems like one of the later. Especially if,  like in this picture, it is based on any type of barnyard animal that would probably just get dirty on it’s own during the course of a day.

Yep, a pony girl in the mud. Doesn’t seem surprising at all. Every now and then I have come across something similar but that’s it. I suppose there is reticence on the part of some pets to go out and get their play outfits dirty. Then again getting dirty can be half the fun. I know our friends at www.costumephanta.com have done a piglet girl wam photo shoot before. Then again I suppose you have to already be into certain fetishes before you can start combining them.  It’s late and I am starting to pontificate, so I’ll just leave you to enjoy the pony girl porn.

kinky pony girl sploshing in the mud, free fetish porn

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10 jars of marshmallow fluff

Posted in splosh + wam on November 12th, 2011 by freakyd

So what do you do with 10 jars of marshmallow fluff?

Why you get a hot red haired chick to totally cover herself in it, of course!

She really is a cutie, with a tight little body. I just love this pic of her half covered in fluff and bent over. Just stay there honey, I’ll help you with that.

Messychixxx specializes in all things splosh and wam. This cutie while getting totally naked, does a good job making a complete fluff mess of herself. And me, liking all things freaky, I just couldn’t pass this one up. Well ok, that’s not totally true, some splosh doesn’t do it for me, I’m thinking like why would you want to cover yourself in that. However cake, frosting, whipped cream, apparently marshmallow fluff; are all good.

Enjoy the mess!

free splosh and wam porn, naked messy girl covered in marshmallow fluff


10 jars of fluff

hot dog with ketchup and mustard

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Yea, so this is one of my favorite photo sets from one of my favorite models. It’s just so perverse. You look at it and think did she really just do that, and the answer is fuck YES! It’s fun, it’s kinky, it’s a little off the wall. It’s Toxxxy, i’m not sure what else you’d expect.

naked girl squirts mustard onto a hot dog in front of her bald pussy

It seemed like a good post for the beginning of summer; plus it’s full of kink, innuendo, and a sex girl getting all wet and messy. It covers all the fetish bases in one photo set. Now if I can just get a kinky girl to get naked at my next bbq and cover herself and my hot dog with ketchup and mustard I’ll be all set.

and yes, here is the link to the rest of the photo set

cherry cream pie girl

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Yes,  it was so good before we should go again. And why not!

This girl gets totally covered in this splosh set. Head to toe in messy cream pies. Messychixxx has some amazing photo sets. These girls don’t screw around, they go all the way. This isn’t just a little whipped cream or a taste of chocolate syrup they get totally covered and completely messy!

splosh girl covered in messy pies and whipped cream