fetish slut in leather mask

Posted in bdsm + fetish, gratuitous smut on September 23rd, 2010 by freakyd

I saw this photo and knew I had to use it in the blog. What a good photo and she is hot! I hope she’s in handcufs or has her wrists tied, that way she is ready to ride.

fetish slut in leather mask and electric tape on her nipples


fingering herself

Posted in gratuitous smut on September 17th, 2010 by freakyd

Yes, it’s a girl. She’s naked, and cute enough that I’d do her. And she’s there on the floor sticking her fingers in her pussy. Happy? It’s free porn right. Good.

Yea, I’m in low gear today and nothing is coming out as it should. I figured the best thing I could do is to update the site and the tgp section. It needs to be done, and I can’t cause that much trouble. In the mean time, enjoy the babe and check out the rest of the free stuff

teen sticks her fingers in her pussy

phill flash

bound in latex

Posted in bdsm + fetish, gratuitous smut on September 10th, 2010 by freakyd

I figured it was about time for something more fetish-y, and girls in latex always look yummy. Nothing seems to get my freak on more than someone putting a lot of effort into doing something kinky. I don’t know what it is, just the though of, “yes, I put this much effert into dressing up to do something pervy”.  I love pupett and all her sets, so well shot and she has a twisted mind as well.

Well… enjoy.

latex girls in bondage


cute teen likes her toys

Posted in gratuitous smut on September 6th, 2010 by freakyd

Girls with toys are always fun to watch. What was that, you’re going to play with yourself now, naw I don’t feel like watching. That will never happen. So here’s a cuttie on her knees stuffing a big dildo into her pussy. I like the view, do you need a hand there?

legal teen on her knees stuffs herself with a big dildo

little mutt

naked in the snow

Posted in alt babes, gratuitous smut on September 4th, 2010 by freakyd

So I saw this set laying around and I figured I’d better share while it is still hot out and it’ll look refreshing. Ok, I’ll take a sexy alt babe any time; but if I’ve got three feet of snow outside my window at the time this shot is going to loose it’s appeal.

Enjoy, and have a good weekend!

alt punk babe with purple hair getting naked in the snow


lesbian prison sex

Posted in gratuitous smut, uniforms + costumes on September 2nd, 2010 by freakyd

In jail, even the girls fuck each other in the ass. I don’t know what it is about prison and butt sex, but in this case I’m not complaining. The whole site theme might be a little wierd, but the action is good. I love kinky girls who are into ass play. Watch these bad girls get what they deserve.

All lesbians, all anal. What more could you want.

she fingers her lesbian lovers asshole

caged tushy