creepy is good

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I know, she looks like a creepy little whore, but come on you’d fuck her if you had the chance.

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back with some blond slut

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I know, I went out of town for a bit and left everyone in the lurch for a bit. Sorry. Well, not really but I felt I should say it anyhow.  Look I brought you this blond hottie who is looking to get her holes stuffed. See, all better.

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awards for weird science headlines

Posted in general mayhem on October 7th, 2010 by freakyd
So there are these awards for weird things discovered in science. Essentially it’s like if you actually discover something useful but it makes a really weird or disturbing headline; you get one of these awards.
“Homosexual necrophilia discovered in mallard ducks”
Hell, you can’t make this up. The other good one was, “Fruit bats enjoy fellatio.”
Check it out. One includes a picture of a duck. I wish it was a picture a ‘the’ duck.
I have to say I’m glad to know some scientists have a sense of humor. Unfortunately whenever I talk to any I know, all I hear about is what they looked at in a microscope. Really, gee… you looked at some microbes. Fucking fantastic!
Ok, the awards they give out are not all pervy. There is, “Wearing socks outside your shoes helps prevents falls in winter”. Not exactly a fashion statement, but hey traction is traction.
Getting back to the fun headlines; I suppose as far as reincarnation goes I’d rather come back as a fruit bat that gets blow jobs rather than a mallard duck and end up shagging a dead, male mallard duck. Unless of course you are really into homosexual necrophilia… then… coming back as a mallard duck may be great. I mean who’s gonna say anything. You’re a duck! It’s not like you’re going to go to ducky prison, or wind up in a rubber room in the ducky mental institute. Or is it the rubber ducky room in the mental institute.

….yes, I’ll get back to posting pics. You have to laugh too.