hanging out with Joanna Angel

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Last night I went out to an event to meet Joanna Angel and see a screening of her upcoming move, ‘Doppelganger’. While the movie was on and in speaking with her afterwards I remembered why I like her so much, she loves it in the ass! You can’t really tell on film, she is a really small girl, which to me makes it even hotter that she likes huge cock crammed up her ass.  There is no shortage of anal sex in this movie, from her or the other porn girls. I’ll avoid a detailed commentary or scene description and just say; if you love ass, you’ll like this.

In speaking with her after the film she said that her favorite scenes to shoot are double penetration and orgy scenes because it’s not something that really happens all the time in daily life so getting to do that on film is kind of a treat. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is, don’t we all need someone who just loves getting fucked in the ass like that. Volunteers anyone? I’m sure we can help make this a daily occurrence, just have your people talk to my people it’s a done deal.

I’ll leave you with a nice shot from the only lesbian scene in the film where Joanna Angel is getting strap on fucked in the ass by another cute chick, Jiz Lee. Make sure to check out the link at the bottom for more free shots from the movie ‘Doppelganger.’

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lesbian anal scene stills

Lesbian sex in the wheelbarrow

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Where do you keep your lesbians? I keep mine in the wheelbarrow!

As always this a another great high quality set by Fetish by Anna. In general the photography here is really beautiful; I think it’s one of the best photographed sites out there. What could be better than two hot lesbians, well only that these two girls really get down and dirty.

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