pony sploshing

Posted in bdsm + fetish, pet girls + pony play, splosh + wam on December 8th, 2011 by freakyd

Well sometimes you see two fetishes combined and you think, that’s just weird; other times you come across something and you wonder why you haven’t seen more of it before. Pet play and sploshing seems like one of the later. Especially if,  like in this picture, it is based on any type of barnyard animal that would probably just get dirty on it’s own during the course of a day.

Yep, a pony girl in the mud. Doesn’t seem surprising at all. Every now and then I have come across something similar but that’s it. I suppose there is reticence on the part of some pets to go out and get their play outfits dirty. Then again getting dirty can be half the fun. I know our friends at www.costumephanta.com have done a piglet girl wam photo shoot before. Then again I suppose you have to already be into certain fetishes before you can start combining them.  It’s late and I am starting to pontificate, so I’ll just leave you to enjoy the pony girl porn.

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