give me – whatever the price – red haired pony girl

The things that I would do… To tame this, to have this, to fuck this…. You have no idea. Ask me and in an hour I may have started to describe what I’d do.

This little filly is a life challenge. I don’t suspect it would come easy, or that it would come quick.  If you made this your life’s work, it could be a defining moment, and totally well worth it.  A kinky little fuck pony who would be the hottest ride that you have ever had.

I started dating a girl who did not like butt sex.  My opinion is, if she doesn’t take it in the ass, she’s not a keeper. There was much debate and challenges; however, (some years down the road) now she is a good little ass whore. I love her dearly, and I will keep her forever. The breaking in period was hard, but worth it.

I don’t think I have ever had, or ever seen a red haired pony girl as hot as this. Porn whores are a dime a dozen, but this filly is special.

If you want it, you have to take it.  Filly, walk into my yard; you and I will have a talk, and it will go on forever….
red haired pony girl on her knees in the barn with a bit gag


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